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Fire Protection

Providing fire protection to an area where fire is a normal occurrence requires specialized equipment. Our goal is to make sure your Kitchen Fire Suppression system and fire extinguishers work properly when they are supposed to. Our team of technicians make sure that your units are ready for action and provide the required inspections to keep your facility in compliance with the local fire inspector.

What We Do


We use fully trained and certified technicians to inspect and maintenance Fire Suppression Systems and Fire Extinguishers.

1. We inspect and test fire suppression systems

2. Make sure fire suppression system is up to code

3. Replace links in the suppression system as well as any other maintenance necessary.

4. Inspect all fire extinguishers and give proper maintenance if needed

5. Put certification tags of date serviced

6. Give a detailed report if changes are needed to be up to code

Fire Extinguishers


We carry all kinds of fire extinguishers and can replace or maintenance/inspect any that you may need to stay up to code. You can also order your fire extinguishers directly from our store.

Still have questions? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.



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